Wednesday, November 14, 2012

James MacKillop Walks the City

James MacKillop Walks the City
Sidewalk Storyteller is a great story that everyone should read by James MacKillop in The Syracuse New Times - about the wonders of walking in Syracuse and environs. Anyone can do it and explore new neighborhoods, off-the- track beauties, and get a better sense of the diversity and essential normalcy and humanity of our city. 
As the story makes clear - you see a lot more and a lot differently on foot than in a car, even streets you know well. Side streets a generally prettier than the main thoroughfares. I do this a lot, and love talking to all the people I meet. 
If you want to combine architecture with walking, I have posted links to the complete National Register of Historic Places nomination forms of most of the Onondaga County's NR Historic Districts (can you name even three?) on this sidebar of the blog. 
These districts, and other local protected districts (which I hope to post soon) are not marked in any way, so you have to know.  If you have java on your computer, you can link to these PDF forms and print them out as guides.  Take a walk and see what has changed (for better, for the worse).  Beware, some of these designations were made in the 1970s and 1980s. 
Take notes, too, of your favorite buildings and send them to me.  I'll try to write about them on My Central New York.   If buildings are endangered, let me know, too, and we'll send information on...