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Dennis Connors to Lecture on History of Downtown Syracuse Hotels, January 18th

Syracuse, NY. Former Empire House hotel from postcard.
Syracuse, NY. Former hotel Manhattan from postcard

Syracuse, NY. former Yates Hotel from postcard.

Dennis Connors to Lecture on History of Downtown Syracuse Hotels

Not to miss!  

Historian Dennis Connors will lecture about the history of downtown Syracuse hotels at the Petit Branch of the Onondaga County Public Library on Saturday, January 18, at 2:30.

Dennis, the Curator of History at the Onondaga Historical Association (OHA), will talk about the long history of public accommodation in Syracuse - beginning in 1806 when Henry Bogardus built his tavern on the northwest corer of Salina and Genesee Streets until this year, when the new Marriott Courtyard Hotel opened downtown.  For two centuries the location, size and decoration of Syracuse hotels has been a good indicator of the health of the city.  The elegant Yates Hotel and Hotel Syracuse were destinations - when Syracuse was a destination.  Motels and chain-hotels at Carrier Circle and along the thruway and interstate are sign that Syracuse was/is a stop over; a place to pass through or pass by.  In recent years we have seen a tiny revival in hotel life in the Downtown. The renovation and opening of hotels along East Genesee Street and University Hill (Parkview, Skyler, etc.), the renovation of former Dome Hotel into the elegant Jefferson Clinton, and the construction of the large Marriott near Armory Square all of are part of our slow but steady Downtown revival.

Syracuse, NY. Hotel Syracuse. Photo: Samuel D. Gruber 2011

Syracuse, NY. Crowne Plaza and Parkview Hotels. Photo: Samuel D. Gruber 2011
Syracuse, NY. Hotel Skyler. Photo: Samuel D. Gruber 2011
 Come and join Dennis as he takes us through the hotel past, and introduces us to past hotels - some forgotten, and some still cherished in our collective memory.

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