Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why Save Urban Churches?

 First Presbyterian Church in Syracuse
Syracuse, NY. Former First Presbyterian Church.  Photo: Bruce HarveyThe large window behind the altar is a version of the great Tiffany Te Deum window (the firm made several), a drawing of which was recently on view at the Tiffany exhibit at MOBIA in New York.

Why Save Urban Churches?

Last month I was interviewed  (on a very cold morning) by Tim Knauss of the Post-Standard about why we should care if old churches and synagogues still stand in our community.  We met outside First Presbyterian Church - one of the grandest of Syracuse's establishment Gothic churches, and one that closed last year but is renting its premises to another congregation. Here is a video of part of the interview in which I lay out some reasons why religious buildings matter - and matter a lot.

Tim has written an article for the paper, too, and in a separate piece reviews the continuing saga of the lost windows of South Presbyterian Church, and how that structure is now more in peril than ever before. 

To see color pictures of many of the tremendous stained glass windows in First Presbyterian click here.

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  1. Hello. I was wondering if you would be able to share some gothic churches in Syracuse? I am specifically looking for on to get married in June..