Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Symposium for the People’s AME Zion Church, a fundraiser for the “Save 711 E. Fayette”

Saving A Syracuse Jewel: Symposium for the People’s AME Zion Church, A Fundraiser for the “Save 711 E. Fayette”

Almost two years ago I wrote about the need to save the former AME Zion church at 711 Fayette Street in Syracuse.  I am happy to say that my words - and those of others - were heard.   A group of hard working volunteers have organized a sustained effort to research the history of AME Zion churches statewide, but also to save our fine little building.  The group includes historians and activists, and the present-day congregation AME Zion (now in another building), and politicians including my own Assemblyman Sam Roberts.  This project follows directly on the work of historian Judith Wellman and creation by the Preservation association of Central New York of Syracuse's Freedom Trail, inaugurated in 2007.

To kick off serious education and fund-raising for the building there will be an event on Tuesday evening at the Erie Canal Museum.  I'll be part of a panel discussing the past and future of the building, and its history and architecture.  The event is in concert with the exhibition at the Museum about Syracuse's 15th Ward - its history and sad fate under the wrecking balls of the 'urban renewal' of the 1970s.  The 15th Ward was historically the mostly densely inhabited Jewish and African-American neighborhood in the city.

Your invitation to the event (we encourage  - but not require -  that you bring your checkbook to make a donation)

You are cordially invited to attend the Symposium for the People’s AME Zion Church, a fundraiser for the “Save 711 E. Fayette” project and a featured event for the Erie Canal Museum’s 15th Ward Exhibit.

Speakers and panelists include Judith Wellman (Historical New York Research Associates), Rev. Daren Jaime (AME Zion Church), Edward Bogucz (Syracuse Center of Excellence), Beth Crawford (Crawford & Stearns), Joan Bryant (Syracuse University), and Samuel Gruber (Gruber Hertitage Global).  Keynote speakers will discuss the historical significance of the building, and talk about the next steps to “Save 711 E. Fayette.” Attendees are asked to consider contributing to the launch of this important effort. To RSVP, please visit

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